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Date: 21st September 2016
APP Camera Robot Cleaner
As we know that all most robot cleaner has the main functions such as auto-cleaning (by a remote control), auto-recharging and so on. But now Yubot as the newest initiative WIFI camera robotic cleaner, it is beyond the some functions of Irobot (Roomba), Neato and JISIWEI new product.Yubot is not only a robot cleaner:-With the free BackHome mobile APP, you can control your home in your hand everywhere.?-With the APP WIFI camera, you can make a real time video call; share your happiness with your family anytime and anywhere.-With the APP WIFI camera and door magnet, you can check your home status timely according to Yubot door magnet message.?-Connect to clean and mop from anywhere with the BackHome APP.-Yubot can "see" the everything under the sofa or bed because of the infrared night vision, give you an entire clean house.-The administrator can invite more family members to join Yubot family circle to communicate with each other or control Yubot.-There is a music ring with the indicator light flashing when the user connects Yubot.-System atuo-update.-Automatically returns to its charging station to recharge when the battery is low than 20%