Shenzhen Grit Tech. Co., Ltd.

Date: 21st September 2016
HD Camera Robot Cleaner
With an innovative HD camera, Yubot(YB-R162) has the same work functions with Irobot(Roomba 980), Neato and JISIWEI?s newest cleaner. While the most important point is that Yubot adopts network adaptive technology on its camera to guarantee the best voice and pictures, which gives you a brand new video communication experience.Built-in HD network adaptive camera: with WIFI, HD camera and Door Magnet:-Yubot keeps an eye on any corner of your family. If there?s any suspicious activity, you can remote control Yubot to monitor the home dynamic timely.-Yubot can be remote controlled to clean the house automatically even though you are not at home. With the HD camera, Yubot gives you a clean and tidy home when you are outside-Yubot provides you a real-time video anytime and anywhere. If you want to share your happiness with your family, you can make a video call.-Yubot redirects your pets attention and remotely leads them to another room. With this robotic puppy herder, you can play with your pets anytime.Other functions: Atuo-recharging, multiple-player control, connecting reminding, system auto-update and so on.