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Date: 21st September 2016
Smart Home Security Robot Cleaner
Yubot (YB-R162) Smart Home Security Robot Cleaner at home, less worries and more insurance.?Smart Security Alarm: the door magnet reports the door status timely in 24 hours. When the door (window) is open, The door magnet will connect Yubot via wireless module, Yubot will send short message to the mobile phone. The users will check the status by Yubot immediately.Intelligent Cleaning: Yubot is suitable for carpets, hardwood, tile, and laminate floors. Click the Clean button on the app (or on the vac), and Yubot goes about its business.Multiplayer Control: Yubot administrator can invite more family members to connect Yubot. In Yubot family circle, each member can connect Yubot to visit the house, and all family members can interact with each other as well.Infrared night version: Yubot will run night vision function automatically at night or under darkness condition, which let you can "see" everything clearly in house, even the garbage under the bed or sofa.Auto-recharging: Automatically returns to charging station to recharge when electricity shortage.Video and audio function: The user can make real time video call with family members. Moreover, family video never gets transmitted to the cloud or anywhere else.For more reference, please contact us and we will give you more detaied about Yubot.