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Date: 21st September 2016
Smart Video Robot Cleaner
Yubot (YB-R162) Smart Video Robot Cleaner: ?Give you a safe real-time video call with your family.?It is known that the Roomba of Irobot, the Robotic vacuum cleaner of Neato, the smart vacuum cleaning robot of JISIWEI are all built with a camera in its new product. However, with a built-in camera, Yubot not only can show you any event in your family and capture all family dynamic even though you are not at home, but also can give you a real-time video call with your family member anytime and anywhere. To chat with your family, to share the joy with your family, you just need to click BackHome APP on the phone.APP Remote Control: With BackHome APP and built-in WIFI, you can active BackHome remotely to return to a sweet and clean home.Automatic Recharge: Through infrared technology, Yubot can easily find charging station when the battery is less than 20%.Yubot security alarm: When the door is open, The door magnet will connect Yubot via wireless module, and Yubot will send short message to the mobile phone.Automatic cleaning, multiplayer controlling and other functions are also can be managed through BackHome.