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Date: 21st September 2016
WiFi Camera Robot Cleaner
As a newest WIFI Camera robot cleaner,Website:, Yubot can be remote controlled by (BackHome) APP like Roomba 980(Irobot), and also Yubot can bring you back to home through built-in camera like Neato and JISIWE?s latest robotic cleaner. The last but not least, Yubot video call function is more than other brands, which keeps you with your family anytime, anytime.Yubot WIFI Camera Robot Cleaner, brings augmented reality to robotic cleaner and makes the robot cleaner more intelligent.As a latest intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with its built-in WIFI settings and camera:-to make video call with family members to share your happiness and joys;-to clean house intelligently, which gives you a beautiful and clean home;-to check home status timely according to the door magnet message far away;-to see your pets or play with them wherever you are;-to monitor your home dynamic in the night based on its infrared night vision;-to find the recharging station more easily when the battery is low;Yubot, not artificial intelligence for its sake, but consider for the family!